Can I test-ride a Urwahn bike before I buy?

You are invited to visit us at our headquarters in Magdeburg at any time. You can get to know our team, take our bikes for a spin and look behind the scenes of our start-up. In addition, we have been able to inspire selected dealers in numerous large cities to buy the Urwahn Bike. You then have the chance to arrange a test ride directly at our local dealer. Make an appointment via our test ride booking system.

What kind of geometry and size is my individual Urwahn Bike?

Our Urwahn steel frames are designed to be the best choice for its area of operation regarding geometry and dimensions. The frames functional shape and its ergonomic benefit are well balanced with the bikes aesthetical appearance. Both of these characteristics correspond to the customer not only being the customer, but the user of our bikes. The result makes a compact geometry, which is defined by agile handling, comfort, directional stability, improved traction and reduced steering effort. Find your perfect size on the Urwahn website for each model to adjust your bike to your individual physique, as well as instructions to figure out how to measure right.

Which methods of payment are available?

Advance payment: You can pay your order in advance. Our bank and further details can be found under Shipment & Payment.

Creditcard: You can pay by Visa and Eurocard/Mastercard.

PayPal: We also offer payment per Paypal, which is free of any extra fees.

PayPal payment in installments: Pay your order comfortably in parts, easy and fast with PayPal purchase in installments.

Klarna installment plan: Pay off your order in small monthly installments with Klarna installment plan over a maximum of 24 months.

Please make sure to include your customer and order number as purpose in your transaction, so we can assign the payment to your order process.

Is it possible, to individualise my Urwahn bike?

Your perfect Urwahn bike has appeared in your dreams, but its colour and setup is not available on the webshop? No problem, just give us a message via contact form and we will sort you out. Together we will bring your customised dream bike to life.

What is covered by warranty?

Our warranty covers your Urwahn frame and all components over the course of two years. The following is excluded:

  • common wearing of components among others like bearings, cables, cable housing, lubricants and liquids i.e. oils, grease and brake fluid, chain, sprockets, chainrings, tyres, grips and grip tape, springs, derailleur hanger and sealings.
  • improper assembly or service
  • Damage caused by corrosion or neglect
  • Fitting of non-compatible components
  • Damage caused by accidents
  • personnel costs for replacement of components

Effect of warranty voids in case of:

  • Misuse of product
  • improper use of product, jumps, over loading or use beyond intend of any kind
  • Disregard of instruction manual
  • Disregard of required periodical service by professional bike dealer
  • any modification on frame, forks or components

We reserve the right, to repair faulty frames or forks or to replace with corresponding successor version. Additional costs for assembly, transport etc. can not be covered by us.

Can I lease my Urwahn Bike?

In the future we will offer the possibility to lease a Urwahn bike through your employer e.g. by JobRad, Businessbike or Bikeleasing. This way of financing your bike provides benefits for both parties.

Make your commute hassle-free and eco-friendly, while gaining tax advantages through the 1%-rule. Your employer promotes working health management and strengthens staff bond, resulting in overall sustainable company policy.


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